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Are you planning a trip?

When it comes to finding the best routes to get to your
destination in the quickest and shortest time, you will see that the "Rac Route Finder" is one of the best systems on the internet.

The Rac
Route Finder finds the best routes in the United Kingdom, Europe and even in the United States of America.

Simply enter your postal code or city and the country where you begin your trip and again the postal code or city and the country of destination and press "get route". You will get a map that will be very easy to follow.

Route Finder has a few perks. It can help you calculate your mileage and thereby your fuel expenses if you so desire. You will also find it very easy to book your hotel accommodations and this at discount prices.

It will give you traffic updates while you are on the move. This is done by simply dialing 64644 from your mobile phone or 09003 444 999 from a landline however, be aware that calls to this number will cost you 60p per minute.

Planning your journey with Rac Route Finder will enable you to:

  1. choose what route you wish to take such as a shortcut or a scenic route
  2. find a place to stay the night
  3. check traffic and travel news as well as get all the latest information on main roads including any delays and accidents.
  4. click and drag the map or use the drop down section to see any region you require.
  5. get car maintenance tips, interviews, podcasts and competitions
  6. receive special offers on their products.
The Rac Route Finder site provides much more information.

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Need a good garage? Look it up with Rac
Route Finder. It’s easy.

Do you need insurance? On their site you will find insurance for just about anything: car, home, travel and more.

The site also provides information on Camping around the world, International Driving Permit, a Checklist for Driving Abroad and more.