Like the RAC Route Finder written about on the site, the THEAA Route Planner is an excellent helper for finding one's way around when planning a trip.  Theaa Route Planner assists with driving instructions to any destination in the quickest time and using the shortest routes.  Since the Theaa Route Planner finds the shortest routes, it therefore becomes a extremely handy tool for saving money on fuel as well.  By typing in the starting location and the final destination and clicking on “Get Route”, a map indicating what roads to take pops up.  The site shows the distance to the destination in km or miles, whichever is preferred, and the time it takes to arrive, plus what streets to turn onto, etc.  Knowing the distance involved to get from Point A to Point B is very useful as one can plan fuel expenses beforehand. The Theaa Route Planner site has a variety of interesting and pertinent information, articles, news, posts and ads to read up on.  Information is obtainable by clicking on the following tabs:- Breakdown Cover, Insurance, Service & MOT, Financial Services, Travel, Motoring, Driving School and Business.  It even allows for a search of the weather forecast for any specific region of interest. 

The Insurance tab has insurance for Car, Home, Travel, Home Emergency Response, Pet and Private Medical Insurance.  In the Financial Services tab there is information on Credit Cards, Loans, Savings, Life Insurance and Travel Currency Cards.Anyone who is interested in becoming an AA member will find many perks on exclusive deals and offers and lots of other benefits as well.  Look up the Theaa Route Planner before planning your next trip or vacation by visiting for all the help needed and much more.