Information On New York Subway Trip Planner

  If you intend to take a trip around New York, especially if you are new to that part of the country, you may find it quite difficult to navigate. The "New York Subway Trip Planner" a user-friendly web-based navigation tools site will give you proper directions and the shortest routes for planning your trip.

The MTA (the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority) can guide you through the city while allowing you to tailor your bus, subway and walking travels to fit your purpose. This MTA Trip Planner is text-based and easy to use.

There is also an interactive google route planner. This is the NY
Route.com that uses three possible ways to maneuver around the City. The first way uses point-and-click between two addresses. The second is form-based. And the third way is the map of the subway by which you click on one subway station and then the other and the fastest route to get there pops up.

Another guide for untangling the New York Subway system maze is Hopstop. You input the start address and the destination address as well as departure time, transportation method and hit Get Directions and voila!

Paper maps of the City are available for buying but interactive ones are really much simpler to use.

On the Homepage of the New York Subway
Trip Planner site listed below, if need be, information is available on how to get to the various airports; JFK Airport, Newark Airport and LaGuardia Airport.

As well, there is a tab that lists the discounts and fares when buying MetroCards. These MetroCards can be used on both subway and bus and can be bought as "pay-per-ride" use or as "unlimited use". Should your MetroCard get lost or stolen, call 1-800-MetroCard and, if applicable, they will deactivate your card and refund you with the outstanding balance on your debit or credit card.

For more information on the New York Subway Trip
Planner, visit their resources at http://www.nysubway.com/index.php

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